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My big dream has always been to write for a living.  This is, as you know, easier said than done.  I’ve written two books and haven’t been able to get traction in the traditional publishing world with either of them. My argument was that I wanted to be able to spend my time writing and let the publisher and agent do all of the work.  After years of sending off query letters, only to wait, and in most cases hear nothing in return, I came to the realization that I wasn’t spending my time waiting. I was spending my time frozen, hoping for something that was unlikely to ever happen.  I was putting my big dream in the hands of others who are already inundated with virtual stacks of hopes and dreams. It was time to take my fate into my own hands.

Once I made the decision to become an independent author I did my research. I Googled, read blogs, listen to audiobooks, and took an online webinar.  My favorite resources by far are those created by Joanna Penn at  She broke down the slew of information on the topic into digestible chunks and made me feel like self publishing was not only possible but also the best path for me to take. I particularly enjoyed Successful Self Publishing, which I listened to in audiobook format.

I still felt like there was a missing resource.  I needed a planner, complete with graphic organizers to help me marshal all of these new concepts with my own ideas into digestible, actionable information. I also needed a way to plan backward from my release date so I could figure how to fit in all the necessary pieces while working 8-10 hour days, driving a lengthy commute, and being an attentive wife and mom.  The Self-Publishing Planner was born. After my release date, I was surprised to find that my demand for a planner for my new author business was even higher than planning for a book release. If I was going to sell my book, I needed to market more, write more, and organize even more.

I have now published my first book, Shifter: A Zie and Dax Novel with more to come in the series. I’ve also begun a new platform called The Freshman Indie Author because teaching and collaboration is one of the best ways that I synthesize information.

I can’t wait to learn along with other authors and become part of a community!


Good luck with your business and your dream!

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