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Zie thought witnessing the death of her stalker would be the most disturbing thing to happen to her this week.  It was only the beginning.  

After recounting the details of the accident, she is approached by Dax Stanton, an Interpol agent working with the mysterious C-Unit. Together, they discover that a tear leading to another world has let in a killer.  He is leaving a trail of bodies behind him and is now obsessed with Zie.


Even with the combined brain-power of the C-Unit’s physicist, ghost hunter, biologist, and hacker, Agent Stanton cannot make sense of the investigation without Zie’s help. An interior designer with an eye for more than paint-color, she discovers that the strange things she has been ‘imagining’ her entire life are real, and not only for her.


Zie struggles to balance her family, friends, and a major design deadline with the unbelievable new reality that has opened up around her. Complicating matters further is a persistent ex, a match-making sister, and the haughty and distant Agent Stanton. 

With elements that will appeal to fans of the Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Fixer Upper, and The X-Files, Zie's story is sure to captivate a wide audience. 

Shifter will be the first in a new series featuring Zie and Dax.

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