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What’s a tech-savvy, 17-year-old fashionista with daddy issues to do when her life is literally turned upside down as she is thrown into a world where not even her iPhone can save her? Well, her fiery new wings and swords might come in handy.


Sophie’s mother dies unexpectedly, forcing her to pack up her sizable wardrobe, say goodbye to her best friend, and move back home to South Louisiana. Once there, she has no choice but to face her problems with her cheating father.


Before Sophie can even begin to adjust, she discovers that the women in her family have a secret. They are Muses. As a Muse, Sophie’s powers awaken, and she is able to travel between Earth and the parallel and upside-down world of Olympus. In Olympus, Sophie is given wings made of fire and blazing hot swords to support her in the task of keeping the mystical world safe by protecting very powerful and dangerous objects.


A recurring nightmare soon leads Sophie into danger. It is then that she meets a fellow Muse named Kamillah and a cocky but handsome demi-god named Linus. The trio discovers they are at the center of a plot that could cause thousands of deaths, both on Earth and in Olympus. They battle together through ancient labyrinths, into the dreary Underworld, and over treacherous mountains in attempts to defeat mythological creatures and a self-obsessed mastermind.


Even more than a fantasy novel, Muse: The Awakening­ is the modern story of a girl who grows up too fast and struggles to be just a teenager again. This novel is the first in the Muse trilogy. 

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