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Welcome to the worlds of KC Ryan!   


Everyone has a hobby.  Some like to draw while others play music. I enjoy building worlds.  Seizing an idea and then creating the characters, settings, joys, and sorrows to populate a new reality within our own is one of my favorite past times.


SHIFTER: A Zie and Dax Novel

Imagine a killer with an obsession so strong he is willing to shift dimensions to murder the same woman again and again. That obsession is what Zie Charles has to survive, with the help of Dax Stanton and INTERPOL’s Crypto-Unit. Will the combined brain-power of C-Unit’s agent, physicist, ghost hunter, and computer hacker be enough to stop a prolific serial killer who can go anywhere and be anyone?

Shifter is the exciting start to a series featuring Zie Charles, an interior designer who sees things other people can't, and Dax Stanton, an agent working for a secret INTERPOL unit. Their adventures are filled with mystery, suspense, a little romance, and a hint of Sci-Fi. The second book in the series will be published in late 2020.  


Making the move to become an Independent author has been both exciting and terrifying, but I am excited about exploring this new phase in my life!

Explore this site to get better acquainted with my worlds and my author's journey. Follow me on social media or sign up for my email list (below) to follow my work and stay connected.

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